Lily Foster


Lily Foster, a 2010 Apprenticeship graduate, directs the non-profit Sembradores Urbanos (Urban Planters Collective) based in Mexico City. Lily writes that "Since I graduated from the Apprenticeship, Sembradores Urbanos has gone on to start up three restaurant gardens, instigating a local-vore conversation in the Mexico City food scene, develop and realize an inmate program in three juvenile detention programs with over 300 participants learning to grow food and making weekly donations of fresh vegetables to their families during visits, 4 school gardens totaling 500 student participants and over 50 teachers trained to grow food with their students in the city.

In addition we acquired funding to expand our demonstration center to include rainwater harvesting, vertical farming systems and an incredible mural by local artist ‘Venado’. Two community gardens were started in local housing projects with over 15 participating households. Our market garden at the foot of the tallest skyscraper in the city, Torre Reforma, is in its second year and has facilitated over 50 training programs for community groups and government and industry stakeholders, grown over 6,000 seedlings, harvested 10 kilos of organic heirloom seed and sold 600 kilos of fresh organic produce.

Lastly, we have had the pleasure of working with a wide and rich network of producers, agronomists, biologists, architects and the general public to realize a series of installations (bio-intensive, sheet mulching, vertical gardens, container gardening, hydroponic and ‘organoponic’ gardens) in Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Merida, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Morelia, Cuautla, and the state of Mexico.

Learn more about Sembradores Urbanos at their website.


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