Herb Machleder

After a career as a cardiovascular surgeon, Herb Machleder decided to try his hand at gardening. He became certified as a Master Gardener in Los Angeles and wanted to be a part of the school gardens movement growing in the L.A. area, but felt like he needed more knowledge and experience before he could be a good resource. Luckily, he happened to see Christof Bernau speak at a Master Gardeners conference and knew that the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems was where he wanted to be.

Herb completed the Apprenticeship in 2007 and returned to the L.A. Unified School District inspired to install orchards as part of the new school gardens being started. Despite initial rejection, he was able to convince the school district that orchards would be viable and a great addition to school gardens. Since then, Herb has assembled an “orchard team” of volunteer Master Gardeners that work with students, parents, and administrators to install and maintain school orchards at no cost to the school district. They have partnered with Tree People, Common Vision, and Garden School Foundation in their efforts. The Master Gardeners hold educational workshops on orchard maintenance for students and community members as well.

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