Corie Pierce and Adam Wilson

Corie Pierce graduated from the Apprenticeship in 2005 and went on to develop a similar college farm-based training program at Michigan State University, where she co-managed the MSU Student Organic Farm. Adam Wilson, a fellow member of the 2005 class, did several farm apprenticeships after the program, then traveled to Europe to study traditional bread baking techniques, dairy cow husbandry, and cheesemaking. In 2009 Corie and Adam purchased the former LeDuc Farm in Shelbourne/South Burlington, Vermont, and started Bread and Butter Farm.

From the Bread and Butter Farm website: "We are two families who have come together to create a community farm. We grow and raise a diverse selection of products that we believe are our staples for ourselves and the customers we serve. We are committed to raising and growing animals and plants in the most natural way we know, focusing on health from the soil up. We produce for sale whole grain, naturally fermented German breads (baked on farm in our wood-fired oven), fresh, creamy raw milk, 100% grass-fed beef, a diverse array of nutrient packed greens (year round), and pasture-raised pork. Our farm store is open daily, year round and many of our customers enjoy coming for our products but also to visit with the animals, walk around the gardens, and just enjoy being on a working farm. We encourage customers to truly get to know the land, animals, plants, and farmers responsible for producing the healthy food they are eating!"

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