How Often Do You Water An Aloe Plant

How Often Do You Water An Aloe Plant. Water aloe vera plants deeply, but in order to discourage rot, allow the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep between waterings. You do this by learning to test soil moisture all the way to the bottom of.

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Plant aloe in a sunny spot to get the best blooms. If you have an aloe plant that is at least a little pot bound in a small 4 inch terra cotta pot, have average to warm indoor conditions and your plant is sitting in good light, then once a week may work for you! While it prefers warm and dry climatic conditions, you can also grow it indoors as a houseplant, in cold climates.

How do you water your garden?

Plant choices, size, humidity, light, and temperature all i'll show you how to become more aware of what your plants need (water, light, consistency) to make watering much simpler. Aloe plants should be watered twice a month at most during the spring and summer, and as a general rule of thumb every 6 weeks during the fall and winter. If you need to clean leaves from dust, it is better to simply wipe. * how do you know when to split the plant or replant it into a larger pot, when should an aloe be repotted to a larger pot?

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