How To Plant Emerald Green Arborvitae

How To Plant Emerald Green Arborvitae. How to grow degroot's spire arborvitae with planting and care instructions. Emerald green american arborvitae or white cedar, also known as smaragd, can reach a mature height of 15 feet when growing in the ground.

How To Plant an Arborvitae ...
How To Plant an Arborvitae ... from
Caring for your tree requires minimal effort. Arborvitae (thuja spp.) are one of the most versatile and popular evergreens for the home landscape. They are used as formal or natural hedges, privacy screens, foundation plantings, specimen plants and they can even be shaped into unique topiaries.

It typically tolerates poor soil conditions but does require a planting location in partial or full while arborvitae is generally easy to care for, during the first year after planting, it needs special attention to be sure.

Here are some varieties to try, along with basic care and planting tips. Emerald green cedar trees (thuja occidentalis 'smaragd') are an evergreen conifer that is a type of arborvitae, also referred to as american arborvitae 'smaragd'. Emerald also makes a great container plant. Most arborvitaes have flattened, lacy aromatic needles, ranging from emerald green to gold.

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