How?Often Should I Water My Aloe Plant

How?Often Should I Water My Aloe Plant. Truth be told, you should not tie your watering routine to the amount of time that has passed since the last watering. Aloe plants should be watered twice a month at most during the spring and summer, and as a general rule of thumb every 6 weeks during the fall and winter.

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Factors such as size of cactus, size of pot, temperature, humidity and season will all affect how often to water cactus plants. Watering plants early will ensure that they have sufficient store of moisture beneath the soil to withstand the heat of a hot summer day. It might once every two weeks for someone else, etc.

This may occur during extended dry periods, but it isn't common.

Do not water the aloe again until the soil is dry at least two inches below the surface once more. If you keep your plant outside, watering every two weeks should be sufficient. In most environments during april through october, you will need to water regularly. An aloe vera plant growing in the garden can go on for long, just water around its base in 2 to 3 weeks.

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