How?Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes

How?Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes. This space will easily allow you to support the plants with cages or stakes around and help you enjoy a big harvest! Free uk delivery on eligible orders!

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Start growing your own produce. In raised beds, keep your tomato plants at least 18 inches apart, this much of spacing is fine for most varieties. According to the general guidelines, you should plant tomatoes anywhere between 17 to 24 inches apart.

When you receive your new plant it is important that you give it time to adjust to its new environment.

Some will be able to tolerate closer planting than others. The application of spacing between tomatoes is crucial. Generally speaking, potted tomato plants can be spaced about 18″/46cm from one another, stem to stem. In fact, i would not even try to grow outdoors in the ground north of the midlands in the uk without some extra shelter.

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