Why Is My Aloe Plant Turning Brown

Why Is My Aloe Plant Turning Brown. Is your aloe vera turning brown due to sunburn? Otherwise it could start to brown and die.

My Zanzibar Aloe Plant is Turning Brown...? Anyone Know ...
My Zanzibar Aloe Plant is Turning Brown...? Anyone Know ... from i.imgur.com
1 reason behind an aloe plant turning brown. Furthermore, a plant with discoloring pucking leaves is too dry. Usually the plants are ok, but yours may have been over watered since they turned brown.

When the aloe vera turns brown, it's a sign that something's definitely wrong with it.

Aloe leaves turning brown for a number of reasons, summer heat, too much sun, sudden changes in temperature, improper plant care. .wrong with my plant? or why does my plant look weird? then your post doesn't belong here. Not only are aloe vera plants pretty, they also have medicinal properties. Aloe vera plants are one of the easiest and most beneficial plants to keep in or around your home.

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