UP Garden Seed Cabinet

by Benjamin Kutcher » November 27, 2013 2:52 pm

Hello All,
Was not sure where to post this, but I feel this is Equipment related in a way. The Up (Chadwick) Garden is getting rid of the seed cabinet that has been in the Chalet for a few decades. Instead of throwing it away, we wanted to see if anyone is willing to take it off our hands and prevent a perfectly usable cabinet from going to the landfill. All the drawers and doors work great! It even has tags so you can separate your seeds by species/variety. We wanted to offer this to alumni prior to the general public as this is a part of CASFS history and would be happy to give it away to an alum( or friend/family of alum). It is currently sitting on the porch of the UP Chalet, so if you want it, you are free to come and take it at any time. It is very large so you will need a truck! Feel free to send me a message if interested (I have pictures I could forward along).

-Ben K

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