Tractor and implement questions

by Lilian Tova » February 16, 2018 2:43 pm

Not sure if folks still use this forum but thought it was worth a shot:

I own a diversified farm growing vegetables and pasture raised meat outside of Portland, OR. Our operation has been small enough to run with a BCS and a variety of BCS implements but this season we are scaling up to four acres of production and hope to eventually be farming 10-15 acres. With this jump in production we are investing in some equipment to further mechanize our farm but so many questions are coming up around all the various options and possibilities when it comes to tractors, implements and their various combinations. We will be leasing land on a farm where we will have access to existing equipment but our lease there is only for two years and we will be relocating after that time as well as loosing access to their equipment.

We currently own an Oggun cultivating tractor which has an inside to inside wheel base of 50.5″ (we can add axle extensions if needed). We just received financing to purchase a kubota M7060 tractor with a loader. We also invested in a mechanical transplanter, the 5000 series and a 13′ perfecta cultivator as well as a tractor mounted side dresser for putting down nitrogen right next to our plants.

At the property where we are leasing we have access to the following equipment for the next two years:

A 40hp tractor (57″ tire centers) (we must pay to use) that runs a 5.5′ tiller, a 5.5′ flail mower, a bed shaper and a 6′ 3 shank subsoiler
A 70hp tractor (has 60″ tire centers) (also must pay to use this) that tuns a 9.5′ flail, 7′ 3pt disc and a 9′ 7 shank chisel plow, 10′ hydraulic drill seeder

We are hoping to use our new tractor with the disc, chisel plow and perfecta to prep ground (we want to get away from rototilling) and to use the new kubota for running the mechanical transplanter and the side dresser, and then we are hoping to be cultivating most of our crops with the oggun cultivating tractor. We are wanting our beds to be somewhere in the 40″-48″ wide with 15-18″ between rows (at this point we haven’t settled on what spacing will work better for us with our equipment).

I’m curious to hear folks thoughts on these equipment combinations and if anyone has any suggestions on making beds with the perfecta? Also curious if we are thinking about our tire spacing properly, will our new kubota work with our cultivating tractor? Any thoughts or suggestions on bed width and how to set our tires to make these tractors work together? The tires we are getting for the kubota are 16.9 wide. Also curious if folks have any other suggestions for equipment to invest in as we move forward.

Shwew! I know that’s a lot of info but would love to hear other folks opinions on an of this.

Thanks, Lili

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