Fall Arrives at the UCSC Farm

Apprentice course member Betsy Thomas wrote this essay for the UCSC Farm’s CSA newsletter Notes from the Field Having spent part of my childhood and most of my adult life on the east coast, I grew accustomed to autumn announcing itself dramatically, with a fanfare of brilliant colors and a sudden, palpable crispness in the [...]

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The Long Road to the CASFS Farm & Garden

Tracey Fine is a writer and a member of the 2016 Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) Farm & Garden Apprenticeship. She lives by the motto “You’re never too old, and it’s not too late!” In the icy hour before dawn I packed my car for a long journey and locked my house [...]

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An Alumni Reports from the High Desert

Kate Watters, a member of the 2015 Apprenticeship class, reports from her experiences back home in Arizona following graduation I am balancing 3 part-time jobs and volunteer garden work when I can squeeze it in! I hope this helps paint a picture of agricultural happenings in the high desert of Arizona. I am so grateful [...]

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Apprenticeship Reflections

This post by 2015 Apprenticeship graduate Tina Singleton appeared in the October 27th issue of the Field Notes newsletter.  I learned how to garden in a war zone, behind the high walls and barbed wire of my compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the time, in 2010, I was the Director of the Afghan Women’s Writing [...]

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The Tipping Point

This essay by first-year apprentice Kate Watters appears in the September 8 issue of Field Notes, the UCSC Farm’s CSA newsletter The end of August always feels like a tipping point; all you have is the moment and you want to learn how to be present and love it more completely. This is especially true [...]

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Notes from the Field: Ode to Maize

by Chelsea Askew, 2015 Apprentice; this essay first appeared in the UCSC Farm CSA’s Notes from the Field, July 14 We are exactly halfway through our apprenticeship and summer is certainly upon us! Plums are falling from the sky, carrots and beets are popping out of the ground, and the potato plants are slowly giving [...]

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Responding to the Drought

“Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook” is an upcoming project that will include the UCSC Farm’s CSA. In this interview CASFS field production manager Liz Milazzo responds to questions from book researcher Martha Wagner about how the farm is adjusting to California’s ongoing drought. Read the post here. Lagerfeld plays trump card for [...]

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Notes from the Field

Second-year apprentices Julie Farrell and Jane Kuhn wrote this essay to accompany last week’s pre-Thanksgiving box of winter produce for CSA shareholders. There’s been even more rain since then! It has been an extremely exciting autumn here at the farm, marked by the 3.9 inches of rain since October 25, verdant cover crops, and continued [...]

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2014 Bricmont Fund Makes Disaster/Hardship Relief Available for Organic Farmers: November 12 deadline

CASFS Farm & Garden Apprenticeship grad Jessy Beckett sends the following information: Organic farming and processing is rewarding, but risky. From freeze to fire, some years are harder on the organic community than others. CCOF offers certified clients the opportunity to apply for disaster relief when funds are available. 2014 Bricmont Fund Since 2007, CCOF [...]

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