Jen Smith and Nate Frigard

Jen Smith and Nate Frigard have been growing high quality organic produce on farms in Virginia, California and Massachusetts since 2003. Jen, who graduated from the Apprenticeship in 2005 first fell in love with farming while working at Wheatland Vegetable Farms outside of her native Washington, DC. She is passionate about growing good food and beautiful flowers, beekeeping, and teaching folks to do all of the above. Following his graduation from the Apprenticeship in 2004 and a second-year Apprenticeship position in 2005, Nate managed the vegetable operation at The Farm School in Orange, Massachusetts.

Together, Jen and Nate now manage Crimson & Clover Farm, a community-based farm located on the beautiful Northampton Community Farm in Florence, Massachusetts.  They grow vegetables, fruits and flowers for a Community Supported Agriculture Program and for farmers markets. Jen and Nate welcome and encourage community involvement with the farm and offer weekly volunteer workdays, farm celebrations and educational opportunities for adults, youth, and farmers in training.
Crimson & Clover Farm is part of a larger effort to promote food security and advance sustainable agriculture in the Northampton, Massachusetts area through the efforts of the community-based Grow Food Northampton non-profit organization.


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