Emily Cronk

Emily’s older brother was an apprentice at CASFS in 2006, and after managing a 400-acre organic vegetable farm near Seattle, she followed in his footsteps to apprentice in 2012. Towards the end of her time at the Farm and Garden’s training program, the apprentices visited a field trial at Coke Farm, a 500-acre farm in San Juan Bautista. They happened to have a Production Coordinator position open, and Emily’s past experience in Washington combined with the skills she learned during the CASFS Apprenticeship made her a great fit. Since January 2013, Emily has helped oversee much of Coke’s farming operation. In addition to connecting her with the kind of job she hoped to find after the Apprenticeship, Emily says the CASFS program provided her with tools and resources to use in the farming world, and introduced her to a huge network of people involved in the organic, sustainable movement.

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